[Assist] [News] Icedove-UXP becomes stable replaces Icedove

André Silva emulatorman at hyperbola.info
Wed Aug 15 01:14:34 -03 2018

After several weeks of testing, we are happy to announce the first
stable release of Icedove-UXP. Unlike previous versions of Icedove, this
is a completely new application built against the UXP toolkit [0].

Some of the new application features:

* New internal web engine with regular security updates, courtesy UXP.
* More complete and thorough Icedove branding than any previous version.
* Supports XUL Addons [1] (not WebExt for privacy reasons).
* Hardened now excludes access to /proc for additional security.
* Several longstanding javascript bugs were fixed with backports that
were not included in Thunderbird 52.

Note: All addons are incompatible with this version of Icedove but can
be backported, please make your requests on our issue tracker [2].


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