[Assist] Migration from Parabola with OpenRC: problems detecting ethernet

Xavier B. somenxavier at posteo.net
Fri Aug 9 12:39:18 EEST 2019

Sorry for the long delay,....
I confirm that yes, kernel in my pc does not load automatically ATL1E and ATH5K module, for eth0 and wlan0 respectively. As you appointed, I use modprobe for that.

But how can I load them **permanently**?


On Sat, 11 May 2019 15:17:21 -0400
Luke <g4jc at hyperbola.info> ha escrit:

> Hello Xavier,
> Thank you for the gist, it appears the ATL1E module is not properly
> loaded in your installation. Can you check if  "sudo modprobe atl1e" is
> working on your installation?
> On 05/10/2019 06:30 PM, Xavier B. wrote:
> > I boot with livecd and make arch-chroot in my machine. After that, I upgrade system (pacman -Syu) and get the same results.
> > So I suspect it is that livecd loads certain modules that hyperbola does not load in my machine (because now the kernels are identical in livecd and in my machine).
> >
> > I attach lsmod and dmesg of livecd (*.txt files) and hyperbola booting in my machine (*-nocd.txt files). Anyone notice something interesting? [see this gist https://gist.github.com/somenxavier/37ce6eaa0a660a34c45149acfea98996]
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> > Xavier

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