[Dev] [RFC] Reject @gmail.com and related emails from our mailing lists

Jean Louis bugs at gnu.support
Wed Oct 25 06:49:40 -03 2017

On Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 11:43:38AM +0200, Benoît wrote:
> Hi Jean!
> I like it very much!
> Perhaps a need to adapt a short version of it to include at the end of
> the email :)

I know what you mean, and of course it should be
on the end.

In GNU Emacs I have the function and key to insert
the snippet quickly depending of the email

If it should be short or not, I guess it should be
good enough for people to understand and put their
attention on right place, as those are business
people in my conversation mostly, they shall be

There was a time before when almost every company
wanted to use their own domain, today many are
having their own domains, but not using their
domains for email and is good to give them the

I suggest that other free GNU system distributions
are noticed so that they may adopt the same
principle and simply reject Google mail on their
mailing lists and other providers involved in
global surveillance.


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