[Dev] Git access

coadde coadde at hyperbola.info
Fri Oct 27 00:53:12 -03 2017

Hi guys, since some days ago until today, i'm receiving requests from
new/current members to give access to git to push PKGBUILDs and build
packages for Hyperbola.

g4jc, emulatorman and me [0] have access to git to handle if all
PKGBUILDs are in accordance with the Hyperbola Packaging Guidelines
before be pushed to git. Even, a new build server is arriving soon,
therefore we won't have packagers anymore since our build server will
handle it for us :)

For now, we don't have plans to add more members for this team to reduce
our task and time.

If you have PKGBUILDs and patches available to be added/fixed for
Hyperbola, please open a task for us and push them to HyperTask. Even
you can let us know if you have an available git in some place (eg.
notabug) and add it to HyperTask as reference to we pull and check them
before push to our git.


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