[Dev] Milky Way v0.3 Roadmap

André Silva emulatorman at hyperbola.info
Fri Oct 27 01:49:43 -03 2017

While we are waiting for the remaining parts to get our build server
ready for Milky Way v0.3, i've prepared the roadmap for this version
with specific points that are the following ones:

1) Develop a maintenance script.

It is a critical issue, since we have a lot of deprecated packages
included in the VPS wasting free space. I've checked Arch/Parabola
scripts but both aren't adapted for Hyperbola design, therefore coadde
is developing a new one.

2) Develop a script to build our packages from our build server

Since Hyperbola won't include more packagers since we have plans to
build all from our build server, a script is needed. There are some
tools such as Arch GNU/Linux ARM, but sounds very bloated for us since
we would a simple one. For now, coadde have plans to develop it from
scratch adapted to Hyperbola design.

3) Stabilize all [core] packages under Hyperbola Packaging Guidelines.

For this version, all [core] packages will be stabilized in accordance
to our Packaging Guidelines. Binutils and GCC will be patched with
Debian patches to increase stability, linux-libre-api-headers will be
replaced by linux-libre-lts-api-headers.

4) FHS

For this version, FHS [0] will be added by default in Hyperbola.

5) VPS

Our VPS contract will expire soon (22th December), we will need 140 EUR
to pay for more time (3 months and 24 days). While we need donations for
it, we need looking for a way to get a VPS sponsorship or a particular
donor to avoid waste more money from our donations or our pockets. ideas?

6) Security Team

Hyperbola needs more debuggers to increase Hyperbola quality and
stability to report issues, improvements and push patches to HyperTask
or security mailing lists. For now heckyel [1] is handling it alone, but
we need increase this team to help him.

7) HyperTask rebranding

HyperWiki and HyperForum has been rebranded by pekman, however HyperTask
needs it too. I've opened a task [2] to pekman since he made an awesome
work in HyperWiki and HyperForum. :P


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