[Dev] Milky Way v0.3 Roadmap

André Silva emulatorman at hyperbola.info
Sun Oct 29 14:07:45 -03 2017

On 10/29/2017 09:16 AM, Félicien Pillot wrote:
> Why don't we ask to Gandi to help us by reducing the price of the
> renewal ?

Yes, it's a great idea!

> They offer support [0] for "concrete, open and alternative projects",
> and they already support, among others, the Parabola project [1],
> which did obtain the free renewal of their domain name [2].
> We just need to send them a request, as fauno did for Parabola [3], at
> <alternatif at gandi.net> or <non-profit at gandi.net>. I could do it if you
> want.

I didn't know about it, thanks for us know! Perhaps coadde could send it
to Gandi since he handles our VPS account there.

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