[Dev] [Sponsorship Help] Let's make contact with riseup

Roberto rfmj at riseup.net
Sun Oct 29 17:08:14 -03 2017

Coadde, Emulatorman, Peekman or others hyperbola hackers (preference in Admins and Financial area)

Lets send a email to riseup, about Sponsorship. They use many gnu services like:

diaspora: Diaspora (riseup at diasp.org)
irc: chat.indymedia.org | channel: #riseup
email: collective at riseup.net (gpg, here:

ps: I tried write email by myself, but dropped this quest. I dont speak english very well and dont have knowladge about vps and financial details. So please, do that :)

Thanks, rfmj

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