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André Silva emulatorman at hyperbola.info
Mon Oct 30 02:39:32 -03 2017

On 10/30/2017 02:21 AM, André Silva wrote:
> On 10/29/2017 08:08 PM, Roberto wrote:
>> Coadde, Emulatorman, Peekman or others hyperbola hackers (preference in Admins and Financial area)
>> Lets send a email to riseup, about Sponsorship. They use many gnu services like:
>> diaspora: Diaspora (riseup at diasp.org)
>> irc: chat.indymedia.org | channel: #riseup
>> email: collective at riseup.net (gpg, here:
>> https://riseup.net/pt/about-us/contact)
>> ps: I tried write email by myself, but dropped this quest. I dont speak english very well and dont have knowladge about vps and financial details. So please, do that :)
>> Thanks, rfmj
> Riseup comes from United States which isn't a privacy country. We've
> made an sponsorship opportunities page explaining we are seeking a VPS
> sponsor, but in privacy respecting countries [0] to follow our social
> contract about privacy.[1]
> Anyway, thanks for your help! :)
> [0]:https://wiki.hyperbola.info/doku.php?id=en:main:sponsorship#vps
> [1]:https://wiki.hyperbola.info/doku.php?id=en:main:social_contract

Note: An email account isn't the same than VPS, since any user can use
POP3 to download all data to local computer, instead leaving it on
server. Even Riseup is not a surveillance service like Gmail which is
tracking their users every time; however a VPS contains
sensible/permanent data like a personal computer; and since they could
offer VPS located in USA only, it is critical privacy issue for our
distro. Different case if Riseup offers a VPS in privacy respecting
countries like Gandi that is a French service (France is included in The
Fourteen Eyes too), however they offers VPS located in Luxembourg which
is a privacy respecting country. :)

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