[Dev] [News] Hyperbola is officially accepted by FSF as a Free System Distribution

André Silva emulatorman at hyperbola.info
Fri Dec 7 03:35:55 EET 2018

Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre is a modified version of the GNU operating
system along with the Linux-libre kernel distributed by Hyperbola
Project [0]. We are now listed by the Free Software Foundation [1] as
meeting their guidelines for a fully free software OS.

From the official FSF announcement [2]:

    "In a world where proprietary operating systems continually up the
ante in terms of the abuse they heap on their users, adding another
distribution to the list of fully free systems is a welcome development.
Hyperbola represents another safe home for users looking for complete
control over their own computing," said John Sullivan, FSF's executive

    "Hyperbola is a fully free distribution based on Arch snapshots and
Debian development without nonfree software, documentation, or any type
of support for the installation or execution of nonfree software. Unlike
Arch, which is a rolling release distribution, Hyperbola is a long-term
one focused on stability and security inspired from Debian and Devuan,"
said André Silva, Hyperbola co-founder and developer.

    FSF's licensing and compliance manager, Donald Robertson, added, "It
was a pleasure working with the team behind Hyperbola throughout this
process. They really go above and beyond in terms of looking out for the
rights of their users."

We want to thank our members fellows [3], support staff [4], security
team [5], artists [6], developers [7], founders [8] and YOU for having
contributed in Hyperbola and making this possible.

Happy Hacking!


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