[Dev] [GNU-linux-libre] Amendment proposal for incoming distros page

André Silva emulatorman at hyperbola.info
Thu May 3 23:56:55 -03 2018

On 05/04/2018 01:50 AM, Jason Self wrote:
> In thinking on this, since I do this in my spare time and don't seem
> to work fast enough for André so as to get an entire distro reviewed
> in 4 days before it's called "stalled", I hereby resign as the
> Hyperbola application manager. Someone else can do it.

I think you are misunderstanding me, perhaps my english is not enough
good to explain the goal in this thread (portuguese is my native one),
so i apologize if i've offend you, this wasn't my intention since i have
a good friendship with you through different free software projects
channels in freenode.

I've put "Seems Hyperbola endorsement process (to be evaluated by
community) is stalled for now." by referring about mailing lists
activity through all users subscribed here, not you as application manager.

That thing gave me an idea about "What happens if X distro is stalled
(without activity for evaluation) through mailing lists for X distro for
a long time?" it means months, years, X time, etc.

So, i've opened this thread to propose an amendment for those cases, eg.

If there isn't activity in the mailing lists for evaluation to certain X
distro for 4 years, then it could be assigned to reviewer manager to see
if it follows FSDG and moved back to evaluation to community continue it.

It's just an idea/proposal that came to my mind to know that could
happen in those cases for certain distros that are under evaluation, it
isn't a specific thread for Hyperbola or a personal attack for you or
another user(s).

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