[Dev] [News] End of X.Org support

André Silva emulatorman at hyperbola.info
Wed Jun 5 07:32:15 EEST 2019

As Xenocara follows the same goals than our packaging guidelines [0] in
stability and security concerns, we have decided to remove X.Org and use
Xenocara as our default provider of display server for the X Window
System. The decision means that the Milky Way v0.2 will be the last
version supporting X.Org.

Xenocara [1] provides a framework to host OpenBSD modifications and to
automate the build of the modular X.Org components, including 3rd party
packages and some software maintained by OpenBSD developers.

It includes a customised X.Org X server that utilises a dedicated _x11
user by default to drop privileges and perform privilege separation in
accordance to OpenBSD's least privilege policy. Futhermore, Xenocara
includes several other projects, such as cwm, a stacking window manager
for the X Window System.

Further details:

* Xenocara official website [1]
* Todo list of Xenocara migration [2]


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